The Next Days of Kindness

Here are the next few days of my Random Acts of Kindness from the beginning of the month (check out my previous post to read about my first five days):

December 6th – On this day, I simply walked around my apartment complex and picked up trash.  I still did not even tell my husband about this one because he would be totally grossed out.  It was mostly just balled up paper and advertisements, but I am pretty sure he would have to disinfect our entire place as soon as I mentioned the word “trash”.  That’s what I get for marrying a germaphobe.  

December 7th – If you read my previous post, you will know that my friend runs a charity that supplies children diagnosed with cancer with toys for the holidays.  I did another shopping run today with a group of friends.  It was definitely stressful at this time of year, but again, who cares about that when you know you are putting a smile on a child’s face?

December 8th – This one was truly a Random Act of Kindness!  I was picking up groceries when I noticed a group of high school students running a car wash.  They definitely did not have a big crowd, but I am an impatient person by nature and couldn’t imagine just sitting for an extended period of time while my car got a bath.  This is why my car is coated in countless layers of filth and I really should have just gotten a car wash, but I digress.  I rolled down my window and asked the students what they were raising money for.  One girl came up to me and you could tell she was waiting for this moment.  She launched into the background of their club, which I guess I am too dense to understand, but it seemed to have to do something with languages.  Maybe.  Anyway, I figured these types of clubs never get any love and I simply donated to their cause without the bonus of the car wash.  The kids were so surprised and grateful, and I hope it helped them get to the competition that they were raising money for.    

December 9th – I bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and placed it anonymously in a co-worker’s mailbox.  It was someone I never really speak to and she would never guess it was me, unless she is a really good at that sort of thing.  I hope it brightened her day a little and that she even won a little cash!  It sometimes is more fun doing these Random Acts of Kindness when no one will ever know it was you!

December 10th – This time my recipient definitely knew it was me.  I wrote an email to my husband during the workday and just listed some reasons of why I love him.  We’ve known each other 10 years, so it’s easy to forget to tell him how special he really is to me.  Also, everyone needs a pick-me-up during the workday!  He was incredibly touched that this email came on just any other day, instead of a “special occasion”.  Sometimes Random Acts of Kindness are best served to loved ones.

My next post will be the first challenge that I met when doing a Random Act of Kindness, and I can’t wait to get my thoughts figured out from this one.  While you wait (if anybody is out there?), here is a link to a fantastic Random Act of Kindness: 

List of Lost Wishes.

If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what else can!


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